Sleep Free






As long as you’re open minded, it is possible to find accommodation for free anywhere in the world. However, it might not always be as nice as your bed back home. You may find yourself on couch in a random home or on a nice slab of pavement or park bench. While it will be difficult at first, you will no doubt get used to it.

How To Sleep On The Street

If you’re traveling around the world for free, you are going to eventually have to sleep on the street. The following guide will teach you how to find the best spots to sleep, to stay warm, and to avoid all those crazy creatures of the night.

How To Camp On The Beach

If you’re fortunate enough to be near an ocean, you may want to consider camping on the beach. Not only is it a relatively relaxed and comfortable place to sleep but there’s nothing like waking up to the sound of waves and crisp sea air.

How To Build A Shelter

You may find yourself in a situation while on the road where refuge from mother nature is necessary. Therefore,  it is essential to learn how to build a an effective shelter.