How To Pack


The key to packing for your trip around the world is to think light and pack even lighter. As best stated by Susan Heller, “Lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money.” Because no matter how mild your plans might be, the weight of an extra pair of tennis shoes or even something as light as a few socks, eventually begins to feel like led bricks.

In actuality, you generally won’t need as much as you think. And even if there is something you really need, like new underwear or socks, you can almost always scavenge it while you are on the road.

Although what you pack greatly depends on what climate you are traveling in, below you will find a short list of must have travel clothes and items.


1)   5 pairs of socks

2)   5 underwear

3)   2 T-shirts

4)   1 Pair of warm long johns

5)   1 Bathing suit

6)   1 Short

7)    1 Jean

8)   1 Warm windbreaker

9)   1 Jumper

10)  1 Beanie

Though this amount of clothes for an extended trip may seem inadequate, it will definitely be enough. Although you will have to wash your clothes more often, the reduced weight of your bag is surely worth it.

To reiterate, it is best to pack light. The more you bring the heavier your bag and the heavier your bag, the less freedom and more back aches you will have. So keep it light, and enjoy the freedom.

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