How to Travel the World for Free

a fort skeleton in albaniaTravel around the world and do it for free. Travel like Jack Kerouac, Alexander Supertramp and countless other penniless vagabonds. This is the a resource for all things free travel. Through extensive guides and stories you will find everything you need to know about  how to travel the world for free. It is designed to prepare, empower and inspire you to travel. No matter what the budget, travel is possible. No longer can money be used as an excuse. 

Read Up, Get Inspired, Get Going

Imagine the freedom and adventure that could arise when removed from your habitual environment. You could be free. Free from the constraints of society, free from social obligations, free from your reflection in the eyes of others and free to imagine your world in anyway you want.

You will encounter enlightening people, experience countless cultures, and discover the free life.

However, admittedly, traveling the world for free is in no easy endeavor. In order to survive, you must cultivate a strong mental aptitude. You must be resourceful and willing step out of your comfort zone. You must learn to spread love and positivity where ever you go.

You may at times go without food or shelter for days. You will no doubt suffer and you will sometimes question what the hell you’re doing.

If you don’t think you can handle it, stop reading now and go back to you monotonous and mundane life. But before you go back to browsing Facebook for the fifth time today, know that while yes it will be tough, all good things in life are.

You will suffer and it will hurt, but like the buddha you will grow. And when all is said and done, and if or when you return home, you will have become a more confident, worldly, compassionate and enlightened person.

In order to prepare you for all the trials and hardships that the world will throw your way and help you benefit the most from your time on the road we have prepared the following introductory guide .

Pre-Departure Preparation

Traveling is a shock to the body and mind. This is especially true for the penniless traveler. The long flight, a new culture, an inability to communicate, strange foods, funny toilettes, and different people, can make you feel completely lost and upside down at first. Although you will eventually adapt, in order to avoid this initial anxiety, you should begin by preparing yourself at home.

Educating yourself is one of the best ways to start preparing for your journey. Read about where you want to go. Maybe even learn a few phrases in the local language. Try to see your self there and envision a confident and anxiety free you. Though it is very hippie-ish and metaphysical, it can actually really help to allay pre-departure fears.

If you are concerned about safety, read any one of the countless travel blogs whose writers are traveling the world at this very moment. Although most travel on a budget, a handful are doing it for free. And all of them are doing just fine. While some do get robbed or get in bus crashes, the majority survive and continue to thrive. Be sure to check out The Runaway Guide, who traveled around the world at 16 without any money. If he can do it at age 16, so can you.

Once you feel ready to commit, it is time to start training your body. Take long walks frequently. Try sleeping outside or in different places around the house.

Since you may go without food at times, try fasting. All of this will better prepare your body for the open road. See this guide for more information, Mental & Physical Preparation.

Finally and most importantly, you are going to want to decide on your travel gear. This is the only part of your journey that will not be free. Although you will be tempted to bring a lot, remember that you are going to have to carry all of it for miles on end. Therefore, it is best to buy a smaller backpack and pack as light as possible.

See here to learn How to Pack and How to Chose a Travel Backpack. In terms of essential gear, be sure to bring clothes that you can layer to stay warm. A sleeping bag and tent are good things to have but they can often weigh a lot. Bringing them is up to you. For a more extensive list of things to bring, check out this guide on Travel Gear.

Getting There & Getting Around

A lot of people think that traveling and transport costs such as plane, train, bus and boat tickets have to be expensive. This is a misconception. Almost all transportation costs around the world are generally quite cheap and can even be free.

Yes you may have to sacrifice comfort and convenience. You might also have to work in exchange. But when you get to where you want to go for free or super cheap, it is definitely worth it.

If you are near a port, the best way to begin your journey is by hopping aboard a ship. Although you will probably have to work for your passage, it will ultimately get you to where you want to go for free. This can be and has been done, on private sailboats, luxury yachts, and even cargo ships. Check out this guide for more information on traveling the world by boat for free.

Flying is another way to begin but unfortunately it is not going to be free. Although in the past it was possible, through courier services, to fly for free, today, with the advent of the internet and new security measures, it has become nonexistent. However, it is still possible to find cheap flights. To find the cheapest flights, it is best to depart in either September or February. Check out this guide for information on How to Fly for Cheap.

Once you arrive in the foreign land of your choosing, there are a couple different free ways to get around. The first and easiest way is to hitchhike. Hitchhiking, can be done just about anywhere in the world. The only region where hitchhiking isn’t so successful is in Asia. To learn more about hitchhiking, refer to this guide, How to Hitchhike.

Though this next method is morally questionable, it is another very feasible and free way to get where you want to go. This method is to jump trains. Train hopping or jumping is possible wherever there are passenger trains. However, it may be more difficult to avoid ticket agents in some countries than others. For more information, be sure to check out this guide before you hop your first train, Train Hopping

Finally, if all else fails, you can always walk. Countless people throughout history and even today have walked the lonely roads, of the world. Not only is it free, but it is one of the best ways to meet people and truly see the country side. See here to learn How to Walk Around the World.

Sleep for Free

There are loads of places around the world where you can get a semi-decent nights rest for free.

If you’re in a city, train and bus station make safe and warm bunks for the night. You can also always sleep on the street. Just be sure to keep an eye out for certain creatures of the night; pestering prostitutes, police, and agro-bums. See here for a full explanation on How to Sleep On The Street.

Camping in the woods or on the beach is also a good way to sleep free just about anywhere. Check out Camping On The Beach for more info. Additionally, if you have no tent, you can learn how to make a simple shelter here, How To Build A Shelter.

Eat For Free

No matter if you’re in the heart of the city or deep in the forest, you can always find enough food to get you by. You may have to rummage through the garbage or eat nothing but nuts but you will never go too hungry. Be sure to check out 7 Ways To Eat For Free On The Road.

Work Abroad

In this section you will find some of the best under the table jobs around the world. Some of these include working in an Eastern European hostel, working on boats around the world, and Teaching English. No matter where you go, you can always find an off the books job if you want one.


Traveling the world for free or on the super cheap isn’t for just for the homeless bum or hippie. It is for anyone who wants to challenge themselves. It is for those who want ultimate freedom, a new perspective, and true adventure.

While reading the information on this site will help give you the knowledge to get started, you will undoubtedly learn everything else you need to know once you hit the road.

If you want advice, or would like to contribute, the best way to do so is through Facebook at Travel The World For Free.