Essential Travel Gear

Recommended Backpacks

  • The Samurai 50L is my current backpack of choice. It’s made well, has a built in rain cover, is light, and is just the right size. Plus it’s a great price.
  • This pack is very similar to the Samurai 50L except that it includes a 10L day pack that can be removed and reattached. Another excellent pack by Guerrilla Packs at an awesome price.
  • This 60L pack by Bear Grylls offers high quality at a really good price. It has loads of pockets and even a dedicated sleeping bag pouch in the bottom.



Recommended Tents

  • This tent is a one man three season tent. It costs 180$ but only weighs 3.7 Lbs. Although it’s smaller and costs more than the Kelty Mesa 2, the extra pound makes a difference. If I weren’t so tall, I would have bought this tent.
  • This is my tent of choice and the one I’m currently backpacking with. After weeks of research I concluded that it’s price to weight to quality was the best on the market. It’s just 4.9 Lbs, it fits on the side of my Samurai 50L, there’s plenty of room for me inside and I’m 6’2”, and it’s just 122$.
  • If I were rich, this  would be my tent. It’s considered to be the lightest and most compact tent in the world. Although it seems a little cramped inside, it’s only 1.1 Lbs! Price: 700$



Recommended Sleeping Bags

  • If you’re looking for cheap, relatively light weight, and all season, this is the best sleeping bag on the market. I traveled with this bag for years until it got infested with bed bugs and ripped in Nicaragua. Being synthetic, it can get a bit sweaty by the feet. But other than that, it’s compact, includes a compact stuff bag, and will keep you warm through every season. can Price: 45$ Weight: 3.4 Lbs Temp: 20 F

  • The Cloudbreak 30 by Marmot is a high quality, relatively light but most importantly affordable sleeping bag. It’s temp rating makes it ideal for all seasons. However, like the Featherlite, it is synthetic which means you can expect to sweat and stick a bit. Price: 168$ Weight: 2 Lbs Temp: 30F
  • If I had all the money in the world, this would be my bag of choice. It’s one of the lightest, mot compact, and quality sleeping bags on the market. It’s made of down rather than synthetic material which also makes it much more comfortable. And it’s 30F temp rating makes it perfect from winter to summer. Price: 400$ Weight: 1.7 lbs Temp: 30F



Wilderness Survival

  • All the survival gear you want hand picked by my idol, Bear Grylls, packed into one small case. Click to view everything that’s included.
  • I love this pocket knife. I used it for many years until I forgot to check my bag and had to give it to airport security. It includes a large knife and saw that can cut through anything. It’s perfect for building forts or making a spear.
  • The Life Staw is a personal water filter that simultaneously kills 99% of bacteria and filters out dirt. You can literally drink water from a dirty puddle through it. It’s light, battery free, and cheap.



Travel Clothes & Accessories

  • A warm and convenient hoodie with lots of pockets to stash things in. Ayegear is good but check out Scottevest as well for a better selection.
  • This adapter works in any country and protects you from any voltage. It also has two built in USB charging ports. Plus it’s pretty cheap. My adapter of choice.
  • This is my current travel wallet and it’s incredible slim and convenient. It has a built in pen, a slot for a micro sd card and a slot for my passport. It fits any size currency as well.



Travel Technology

  • This smart phone is going to be the cheapest and best phone for travelers when it’s released in summer 2014. It costs just 300$ without a contract and takes any sim card, which means you can use it in any country. It’s as large and powerful as Samsung’s Galaxy Note series but half the price. But if you’re looking for the ultimate travel smart phone for now, check out the Galaxy Note 3 by clicking on the image. It’s the phone I’m currently traveling with and it makes life very convenient.
  • Although I don’t recommend traveling with a computer unless you’re a travel blogger, if you do want to get a computer, nothing beats the MacBook Air. It’s extremely light and durable, and it’s survived 3 years of being thrown onto trucks, Sudanese heat, and Swedish cold. Amazon is offering the smaller and more portable 11″ right now for just 850$! Wish I had waited.
  • I never knew I needed a Nook until I bought one. With the glow light, I can read in any light whether it’s sunny or dark. The text looks identical to a paper book and is easy on the eyes. It’s become one of my favorite travel gadgets.



Travel Cameras

  • The GoPro takes some amazing video as well as stills. I decided on the silver edition because the video quality seemed as good as the black and a bit better than the white edition.
  • The Sony RX 100 is arguably the best compact digital camera. It’s considered to be the closest compact to a DSLR. It takes great pictures in low light. It also takes amazing video thanks to Sony’s image stabilization. This has been my dream camera for year. Although the Sony RX100 M2 was released it’s not much better than the original and costs loads more. If anyone want to get me a camera for my birthday, this is it! If you’re looking for another compact travel camera, definitely check out the Canon s120. It’s a bit cheaper, the video is a bit more shaky, but the picture quality is excellent.
  • What I really like about the Pentax K50 is that it’s affordable, a great beginner DSLR, and it’s weather, shock, and cold proof. Another camera that I’m dying to put into action on the road.

Protect Your Gear, Health, & Life

I never thought I would need it, I was skeptical about the whole business, and was reluctant to pay for it. But when my backpacker was stolen in Italy, World Nomads reimbursed me (over 500$) for the value of the pack and everything inside. The whole process was super easy and quick. I can definitely recommend them. Protect yourself and your gear on the road!