Eat for Free

a malaysian monkey eating a piece of bread

Everybody’s got to eat. While you’re at home and with money, eating is simple. But when you’re on the road as a free traveler, finding free food can often be a challenge. Although you may go hungry a few days, you won’t ever starve to death. There are always methods to find food and always people willing to help if you’re really in a bind. Just stay positive and trust in the universe and food will always come your way.

How to Dumpster Dive

One of the best ways to find free food is to forage. And the dumpsters of the world are some of the best places to do this. Although dumpster diving is not the most sanitary activity, it is a great place to find free food. Though you might not want to do it at first, when you get hungry enough, you just might have to.

 7 Ways To Eat For Free On The Road

Admittedly, traveling the world without money wasn’t always easy. Finding food everyday was probably the hardest part. As you would expect, I didn’t always eat what I wanted.